We Band Together

We Help Heroes’ Families Move Forward

Every day could be your last. The last time you kiss your family goodbye. The last time you walk out your front door. The last time you drive to work.

Law enforcement is a dangerous profession. Nevertheless, with courage and integrity, you protect and serve the people of your community. But what about the people at home? Who will honor your memory should you meet your destiny on the thin blue line?

Band of Blue is a law enforcement non-profit organization that helps families of fallen officers move forward. We band together to create personal and transformative experiences for families across the nation. When you support our cause, you help families like yours move forward after tragedy.


A police officer's bullet proof vest.

Stories of our Fallen Officers

Police officers put their lives on the line nearly every day. Regardless of how excellent an officer someone might be, they are that and so much more to their families. They are husbands and wives. Mothers and fathers. Sons and daughters.

When a department suffers the loss of one of their own, the tragedy rocks the entire foundation. People feel helpless. Hopeless. Heartbroken. We know that we can’t change the outcome, but we can carry out the greatest wish of our brother or sister in blue: to take care of their family.

Read the stories of our fallen officers to learn how Band of Blue helps people move forward after tragedy.


A baby holding a police badge

Refer a Family

While headquartered in Southeast Wisconsin, our support stretches nationwide. Because that’s how big the law enforcement family truly is. We want the spouses, children, and immediate family members of our fallen heroes to feel supported, cared for, and know that they will always be a part of the law enforcement family.

Through positive, monumental experiences and everlasting support, Band of Blue honors the families of fallen heroes. Refer a family in need and help them move forward.


Band of blue getting a check at the Bucks game.

Make an Impact

Support is full circle. We support families of fallen officers by creating once-in-a-lifetime experiences, but we can’t do it without your support.

Your donation makes a difference. It’s the difference between a family feeling supported or forgotten. Between a child crying themselves to sleep or smiling on a much-needed family vacation. It’s the difference between a wife or husband struggling to hide their pain from the world or beginning to heal. One-hundred percent of what you give directly impacts how many families we are able to reach. Thank you for your support.


Band with Us

Want to learn more about how your department can help support our mission? Do you know a family in need? Contact us today.