Sarah Smith

Labor Day weekend 2015, my husband, Mike, surprised me with a rare weekend away. His main goal was to have a chance, removed from the distractions of my job and our family, to propose an idea. He described his vision, and his idea of Band of Blue unfolded. At first, I was surprised, then ecstatic, and finally a bit anxious. This organization could provide support and belonging for children who need it so much, but would others share our concern and compassion? No matter what, we must make this happen. Using our retirement savings for seed money, Mike’s vision has begun to take shape. I’m amazed daily at his dedication and ambition. I’m empowered by his mission and will be taking on any and all roles this organization needs without hesitation.

My family consists of not only my husband, Mike, but also my daughter, Madelyn, and son, Nolen. We are a “Law Enforcement Family”. We know the reality of how hard it is to say goodbye daily and not know if it’s “until we meet again” or “see you in the morning”. My extended family also consists of, give or take, 25 encouraging first graders yearly. By trade, I am a first-grade teacher. I have compassion for working with children and helping them be the best they can be. It is so important that children and adults have an outlet to be gracious and compassionate to others who are suffering. Band of Blue is a phenomenal organization to model that ideal. I am proud to be a board member and of my husband for having the courage to take this huge leap of faith.

Our Mission

Together, we create transformative experiences to help families of fallen officers move forward.

Band with Us

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